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The Row 34 Cookbook

Award-winning chef Jeremy Sewall brings his popular New England oyster bars to the page.  With more than 120 recipes for the home cook, this beautifully photographed cookbook celebrates oyster-bar culture along with the people that bring the restaurant to life.  With his inventive interpretations of seafood classics such as fried oysters, smoked salmon, chowder, and fish and chips, Sewall shares the recipes that have made Row 34 one of the northeast’s most beloved seafood experience. Embedded in three great communities—Boston, MA, Burlington, MA and Portsmouth, NH—Row 34 continues to build relationships with farmers, fisherman, the sea and the communities surrounding them.

Chapters cover Row 34 favorites, plus smoked and cured preparations; whole fish preparations; composed dishes; and essential sauces and sides. Throughout are practical “how-to” instructionals, an essential guide for preparing seafood, a helpful oyster primer, as well as profiles of experts from a fishmonger to fishermen.  Full of easy-to-make recipes and rich storytelling, The Row 34 Cookbook is for anyone who appreciates the briny taste of raw oysters and delectable seafood.


  • Written by Jeremy Sewall and Erin Byers Murray, Photography by Michael Harlan Turkell and Foreword by Renee Erickson
  • Published by Rizzoli
  • 240 Pages